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What Equipment Will I Need to Start My Home-Baking Business?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, concerning a home-baking business start-up.  Fortunately, for everyone who wants to start a home bakery, the process of sorting what to buy and what’s best for your operation is not difficult at all.  While there is much more in-depth information available on the subject, in this blog, I’ve tried to keep my response brief and to the point.  If you still have questions after reading this post,  more detailed information can be found in Chapter 4 of my book “Bringing Home the Baking.  Just click on the “Buy the Book” page.  And  here we go with a list of basic start-up baking equipment and a few helpful tips.

Equipment List:

Oven – A half-size or full-size convection oven is the best multi-purpose commercial oven.

Mixer – A 12qt. or 20qt. mixer should cover your start-up needs.  Unless, of course you already

have a demand for large quanties of product.  In which case, a 40qt. or 60qt. mixer would

serve you better.  See Tips at the end of this blog.

Refrigerator/Freezer – The choice of refrigerator or freezer and the size should be matched with

your specific needs/demands (raw ingredients and baked products

that require refrigeration or freezing).

Work Table – Stainless steel work tables are the most common and affordable in the food

preparation business.  They are also required in many areas before a health permit

and business license are issued.

Sink – A commercial stainless-steel compartment sink is a necessity for commercial work-load.

This type of sink is required in most cities and counties before a business license and permits are

issued to the business owner.

Mop Sink – A relatively inexpensive item that’s required in most cities and counties before a

business  license and permits are issued.

These are the major equipment needs for a basic start-up bakery.  If you’re making a specialty product, the production of that product might call for a special piece of equipment.  Any other items needed will probably fall under the headings of Storage, Smallwares and Tools.

Now for a Few Tips…

Don’t over-extend yourself.  Keep your start-up operation as simple and low cost as possible.  It’s always great if you can keep expenses in proportion with your specific needs or demands.

The larger the equipment the greater the start-up cost.  The larger the equipment the more space needed in your bakery area.  You can always sell equipment and upgrade to a larger size when the baking production dictates.

To help keep cost to a minimum, I suggest purchasing used equipment.  Recommended brands of new and used commercial equipment are:  Hobart, Vulcan and Viking.

If you would like more information on start-up equipment for your bakery and suggested places for purchase, see Chapter 4 of “Bringing Home the Baking”.

Happy Shopping!